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Greater Toronto Junior Chess Championship

*Incomplete registration

^Play-up requested

(RX) – Bye

CFC – membership expired. Please pay directly to CFC or bring $32 cash before the first round.

1 extra GP score will be given to players in section A.

1Fengxi Mao1660332232 TOP & A
2^Sriram Kumar1722802005 TOP & A
3Atharva Srinivas (R3)1577211843 TOP & A
4Alex Xu1633781634 TOP & A
5^ Anni Guo1632501575 TOP & A
6^Ryan Yunhui Zhong1667371517 TOP & A
7^Henry Yao1662731457 TOP & A
8^April Yunwei Zhong1672711444 TOP & A
9Adrien Cheng1582311411 TOP & A
10^Rae Chen1666441290 B
11Eric Lam1542751272 B
12Andrew Fuad Gulec1624781256expB
13Felix Zhou [R2]1677581200 B
14^Siddhi Dahale1649271115 B
15^Dylan Puri1638801087expB
16^Wah Singh [Joseph] Leung1676061073 B
17Lucy Yang1645951054 C
18Alexander Sotnikov1631471044expC
19^Helena Jin1611361014 B
20^Mingrui Deng [R4]171920989 C
21Ryan Puri171181957expC
22Tiffany Yan155454931expC
23Hancy Jiang166648922 C
24Justin Tso166325906 C
25^William kaiyuan Wang167336823 C
26Rajan Roberts166332817 C
27Udayveer Singh169827801 C
28Bek Khamidov161068782 D
29Martin Jiale Liu158749662expD
30Justin Zhang161450633 D
31Larry Zhou Chen172054580 D
32Justin Fong166735578expD
33Andrew Li168838566expD
34Andy Rui Wang167302562 D
35Darren Dehang Yang170561200expD
36^Edwin Li172067unr.paidD
37Christian Yip unr.expD
38Modith Aaroh Mutyalapati171210unr. D
39Sacha Kaplan-Shiff172066unr.expD
40*Illia Trotsenko unr.paidD
41*^Ethan Dong172056unr.expD
42*^Kevin Dong172063unr.expD
43Jeffrey Jiaqi Hu166828unr.expD
44Huangkai Yu172072unr.expD
45Isaiah MOHAMED unr.expD

We are now running all our chess programs online. Please see your email or contact us.

All qualifiers and over the board tournaments are cancelled. Parents who had paid should have received a refund. If you have not, please contact us.

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As advised by the government, all publicly funded schools in Ontario will be closed from March 14 to April 5.

All Seneca Hill Chess programs and tournaments will be canceled during this period. Thank you for your understanding.


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Live results (coming up)

Registered players hereseneca-hill



Greater Toronto Junior Chess Championship 2020 – GP3 Read the rest of this entry »

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We are not posting everyone’s balance here this year. Please try to do your calculation or email us.


Details and registration here.

****Registration closed, we have reached full capacity. Sorry for the disappointment.
****We will not take any onsite registration.****

Please check player’s name, CFC number, updated CFC Active rating as of November 28 and bye info. Report errors and omission if any. Thank you.

You can find your CFC information here.

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Online registration form 

Complete results

Greater Toronto Junior Chess Championship 2019 – GP3

for juniors born after January 1, 1999, with current CFC membership

Where: St. Timothy Catholic School, 25 Rochelle Crescent, North York, ON M2J 1Y3

Date: Saturday March 16 to Sunday March 17 Read the rest of this entry »

For individual event details: please click on the event names.

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Greater Toronto Junior Chess Championship 2017

by Seneca Hill Chess

for juniors born January 1, 1997 or later

with current CFC membership

Current Standings

Where: Trinity Montessori School, 9211 Woodbine Ave, Markham

Day: Tuesdays

Dates: March 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2.

May 9, 16 (make-up/playoff)

Time: Games start at 7:00p.m.

Time Control: 60 minutes + 30 sec. increment

Rounds: 7 RR for top 8 and Swiss or RR for the rest

Sections:  Sections may cancel or combine if less than 8 players. If the total number of players in Reserves and Girls exceeds 16, CFC rating as of March 8 will be used to determine the top players.

All sections are CFC regular rated. All rating mentioned are CFC Regular.

  • Open, top 8 entries, must be CFC1600+
  • Reserves, CFC1600> or non-top 8
  • Girls

Entry fee: $70

Prize: All top three get a trophy

Bursaries: Entry fee to CJCC 2017 as follows

1st 2nd 3rd
Open $120 $60 $30
Open U1600 $30  —  —
Girls $30  —  —

 Registration: by March 7, 2017

Registration closed

However, we have an odd number in the both sections. If you would like to join us, please email us at admin at senecahillchess dot com