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CYCC qualifiers (NYYCC)

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GP4 – NYYCC2 Information May 13

Best Mini School Teams

Grand Prix 

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OCC 2023

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Seneca Hill Chess Lessons and Training

Seneca Hill Grand Prix 1 – December 10, 2022

Seneca Hill Grand Prix 2 – January 7, 2022

Ontario Chess Challenge Qualifier 1 and 2

Information and Registration

Registered players, previous results, and Live results during the tournaments.

Grand Prix funds and standings.

We are so proud of Max Chen and Jeffrey Zhao, who represented Canada in the 2022 Youth Chess Olympiad in Azerbaijan!

Jeffrey joined the Seneca Hill Chess Program when he was in grade 1. A few years ago both Max and Jeffrey joined our Tuesday after school program at Zion Heights. They have grown so much as chess players since then.

We now welcome them back as our junior teachers in our Tuesday program. They are not only our chess teachers, but also our role models in chess. They continue to motivate and inspire our students on their journey to the world chess championship.

Saturday at St. Timothy’s Catholic School. It will be on Saturday afternoons. It is a program open to the public. For information and registration, please click here.

Afterschool program at Trinity Montessori School, Woodbine and 16th, Markham – Mondays – open to the public. For information and registration, please click here.

Afterschool program at Zion Heights Public School – Tuesdays – Zion Heights students only. For information and registration, please click here.

Afterschool program at Seneca Hill Public School – Thursdays – Seneca Hill students only. For information and registration, please click here.

Returning students, don’t miss the early bird registration dateAugust 25. 

(Returning students are students who were in any of the Seneca Hill Chess programs, online or in person, from February 2020 to present.)

To contact us, please use the form here.

Chess program at St. Timothy

Seneca Hill Chess Grand Prix 

Chess Tournaments are back!

GP1December 1012:00 to 5:00OCC qualifier 1CMA rated
GP2January 712:00 to 5:00OCC qualifier 2CMA rated
GP3February 1812:00 to 5:00CYCC qualifier 1CFC quick rated
GP4May 1312:00 to 5:00CYCC qualifier 2CFC quick rated

In 2022-2023, there are 4 tournaments in our Grand Prix series, and a player can play and win in any number of these 4 tournaments..

The best 3 tournament scores will be used for the computation of the Grand Prix results.

Prizes and scholarships!

~$3000 for the Grand Prix winners estimated! ($3585 in 2019)

~ Free OCC entries! (GP2)            

~Best Sibling Teams (GP3)

~Best Mini School Teams (GP4)

~$5 or $10 GP money for players who score over 2.5 out of 5 in GP1-3

To email us, please click here.

We will run the following in person programs in 2022-2023

Saturday afternoons at St. Timothy’s Catholic School – This program is open to any students.

Monday afterschool at Trinity Montessori School at Woodbine and 16th. This program is open to any students.

Tuesday afterschool at Zion Heights Middle School. This program is open to Zion Heights student only.

Thursday afterschool at Seneca Hill Public School. This program is open to Seneca Hill PS students only.

Information will be mailed to our current students and students before the pandemic by mid August.

If you are not on our mailing list, please use this form to contact us. Thank you.

To receive the information, please send us your email address using the form here.


January 30

March 13

April 3

May 1

For the details and registration, please use this link.

Extra tournament – last chance qualifier: Any students, qualified or not, can participate – May 15, 2022 Registration. Tournament details are the same as the above qualifiers.

We are taking registration for the second session that starts in February.

Please the details here.

We are now taking registration of the 2021 summer online chess programs.

Please click on this link for the form and details.

  • For the online classes, we will keep our small instructional group format, with a teacher students ratio of 1:6. (Sometimes one or two more or less.)

All programs are two consecutive hours per week.

There are one hour instruction and one hour tournament game and guided puzzle solving in each class.

Summer Session:  


Tuesday July 6 to August 24 (8 classes)

Thursday July 8 to August 26 ( 8 classes)

Saturday July 10 to August 28 (8 classes)


Tuesday – 4:00-6:00 (All levels, in different groups)

Thursday – 4:00-6:00 (All levels, in different groups)

Saturday – 3:00-5:00 (All levels, in different groups)