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One of our sponsorship recipients, Aman Hambleton is playing at the World Junior Chess Championship 2012 in Athens now (August 4 to 11).
You can follow his games at WJCC.

Updated August 15: Congrats to Aman who won an IM norm in the WJCC!
Updated October 20: Congrats to Aman again for winning his second IM norm in the SPICE Cup 2012!
Update November 25, 2012. Congrats to Aman. He did incredibly well in the UNAM tournament: undefeated, 4.5 out to 6 against Grandmasters, earned his IM title and first GM norm! Aman came third. All other top ten are Grandmasters!
Posted by Aman: Link here
(Then, scroll down to see his post.)
Here is a link to Aman’s  website  (about WJCC Fundraising simul) 

Congrats to WFM Jackie Peng who did very well in the Chess Olympiad in Istanbul.  She obtained the title of Women FIDE Master from her performance.

Jackie is one of our sponsorship recipients. We are so proud of her!