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IM Aman Hambleton came to Oriole today! He gave a 30 board Simultaneous Exhibition.  Aman won all 30 boards in 2 hours 15 minutes.

Aman at the Simul

Aman at the Simul

Last survivor

Last survivor

Everyone went home with this.


We were happy to present a cheque of $800 to Aman at the end of the Simul, to help cover his tournament expenses coming up when he goes to Bolivia for the Americas Continental Championship.

Presenting the cheque

Presenting the cheque

We wish him all the best in the Americas Continental Championship at Bolivia. Looking forward for his third Simul at Oriole when he becomes a GM!! (He was an FM when he came last June.)

Thank you for all those who support Aman and this event!

Fundraising details:

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Congrats to the Seneca Hill Public School Team (Harry, Daniel, Kyle, Ray and Bill) which participated in the Toronto Secondary School Chess League team finals on April 19.  They played in the junior section, that is for grade 10 and under.  The team came third after UTS and Glennforest. They won 5 medals and $160 Ontario High School Chess Championship entry fee.

TSSCL 2013

TSSCL 2013 bronze medal winners

Below is the list of players who qualified to participate in the Canadian Youth Chess Championship 2013  in Ottawa, July 10 to 13.

Please see here for a list of players who won the CYCC sponsorship (a year CFC membership) from Seneca Hill Chess Club.

Players qualified from NYYCC will also have the chance to win a scholarship from us. Please see details here.

To register for CYCC, please visit their official website. Don’t miss the early bird registration fee.

Entry Fee: 
$225 before June 16, 2013
$250 after June 15, 2013.
Click below | to see the list of all CYCC qualified players through NYYCC.
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Good News!

We are able to hand over the OGCC to good hands – Mississauga Chess Club.
I encourage you all to continue to participate in this great event.
Here is the link to the tournament: OGCC2013


IM Aman Hambleton is coming to Oriole again. Here is a link to the Simul given by Aman at Oriole last June.

Aman’s performance then became the focus of the whole Canadian chess community. Within the past few months, he has a dramatic improvement. He was awarded the IM (International Master) title and he has won 5 IM and 1 GM (Grand Master) norms. He has a rocketing jump FIDE rating from 2226 to 2472.

We are proud to present another simul exhibition given by IM Aman Hambleton on April 28, 2013. Read the rest of this entry »