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Date: June 27, 2015

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Click below to see our event calendar for lessons, tournaments, special events…and cancellations.

**A lot of parents emailed me to ask: Is there a lesson this week? When is the last lesson? When is the tournament?

I am planning to delete this Calendar. If you are using it. Please tell me in the comment here.

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Ontario Vs Quebec top teams – June 3, 2017

K-6 sections:
Champions: Jeffrey, Joey, Cullen, Angela

K-3 section:

1st Runner up: Angus, Raymond, Julia, Daniel
First team was from Quebec, we were first from Ontario!
Max, Justin F, Vanessa and Ada were also representing Ontario.

Seneca Hill Alumni in J. B. Tyrell (Daniel, Cindy and Yikang) came first in the K-9 section.
Girls section
Top girls Angela (G.4) and Joey (G.6) played for the school team.
Alumni Isamel came first in G.5.


CMA Ontario Team Championship – 

K-6 sections:




K-3 section: ()



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