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This prestigious tournament is organized by CMA every year. OCC qualifies Ontario top players to Canadian Chess Challenge. OCC is being held on April 22 this year. Read the rest of this entry »


GM Aman Hambleton is representing Canada at Chess Olympiad again!

The first thing I pulled out the old flyer, I had to change a letter proudly:
FM >> IM >> GM!

Back in 2012, the then FM (Fide Master) Aman Hambleton was representing Canada at the World Junior Chess Championship in Athens, Greece. We hosted the first fundraising simul for him at Oriole, one of the Seneca Hill location at that time. (Simul is a player playing multiple boards at the same time.) Read the rest of this entry »

When: June 2, 2018
Where: Kingston
Who: Through March 17 OCC qualifier
G.1 Maria Guan
G.2 Alina Chen
G.3 Playoff between Winnie Zhuang and Greta Qu (forfeited)
G.4 Valerie Ruchinskaya
G.5 Playoff between Angela Lin and Dania Surya April 15 (postponed)
G.6 Playoff between Isamel Shen (won) and Yilin Liao April 1