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On December 23, 2017, during our OCC qualifier 1, we gave out two awards to our National Chess Masters: Sean Lei and Harry Zhao!

Both players have been part of our Seneca Hill chess for years.

Sean achieved his National Master status back in February 2016! However, it took almost two years for CFC to have Sean’s name listed because they kept forgetting to do so. 🙂 Harry recently attained his title.

We would like to thank Sean and Harry for supporting our tournaments. In order to recognize their achievements, we are happy to present them with a scholarship of $100 each.

We hope that our students look to these role models and keep working hard! Next time, it may be your turn to become a chess master!

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Updated January 11, 2018: There are additional qualified players through this tournament. CMA has announced top ten Ontario players. Top ten players qualified to OCC automatically and spared a spot for the one down the list in this tournament.

Q – Qualified through this tournament
R – Top ten, qualified by rating (We listed only those who are also qualified in this tournament. For complete top ten in Ontario, please refer to CMA webpage)
FED – Enter into our Free OCC entry fee draw.
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One of our talented Seneca Hill players, WFM Cindy Qiao is now at Ahmedabad, India with her team mates. They are getting ready for the World Youth Chess Olympiad that starts tomorrow. Best wishes to Cindy and our Canadian team!wyco2017

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As of March 15, 2018

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