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News about some of our instructors:

FM Aman Hambleton (Ex-instructor, presently not residing in Toronto)
Aman participated in the World Junior Chess Championship in Athens from August 4 to August 11. He did tremendously well and earned his first IM (International Master) norm. Aman is one of our sponsorship recipients in 2012.

FM Michael Humphreys
Michael has been working with Seneca Hill Chess Club for 2 years. He came tied 7th in the invitational section of Canadian Closed from August 4 to 11. He won the FM (FIDE Master) title from this tournament. Congratulations!

FM Roman Sapozhnikov
Roman has just played in the Superfest 2012. He had an excellent result in the open section – tied for second.

WCM Yevetaliza Orlova (Liza)
It will be Liza’s second time representing Canada to participate in the Chess Olympiad in Istanbul. She is leaving on August 26. We wish her all the best in the Olympiad. Liza is also one of our sponsorship recipients in 2012.

Eric Zhan (Our Assistant)
Eric, graduated from UTS in June, has just left home for his University study at Cornell. We wish him all the best.

March 23, 2017

Group A: 1st Cullen Y, tied 2nd Charlie S, 3rd Alexander S and Angus Z

Group B: 1st Lael C and Max Z, tied 3rd Vanessa L, Jordan A, Isaiah M, Ada W and David H

Group C: 1st Katy H, 2nd Dhruv Z, 3rd Emily S and Justin S.

Complete results: 

February 9, 2017

Group A: 1st Angus Z, 2nd Cullen Y, 3rd Alexanders S

Group B: 1st Vanessa L, 2nd Golden L, 3rd Chase

Group C:  Tied 1st Miya G and Katy H,  3rd Russell L, Andre T, Octavius Z, Emily Song

Complete results

December 1, 2016

Group A: 1st Charlie S, tied 2nd Andrew Z, Charlie S, Zixuan Z

Group B: 1st Cristian I, tied 2nd Kyle C, Chase L

Group C: 1st Zoe W, tied 2nd Brian S and Justin S.

Complete results: 

October 27, 2016

Group A: 1st Angus Z, 2nd Cullen Y, 3rd Zixuan Z

Group B: 1st Vanessa L, 2nd Lael C, tied 3rd Justin F, Yolanda Z, Flora Y

Group C: 1st Miya G, 2nd Shoon P, tied 3rd Leila N, Zoe W, Sunny Z, Russell L, Ellen L

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October 27, 2016

November 10, 2016

December 1, 2016

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Top winners (in order)

First term – Mid term

Group A: Zixuan Z, Andrew X, Cullen Y,  Charlie S

Group B: Lael C,  Vanessa L, Sean P, Emily S, Lucia L, Brian S

Group C: Miya G, Sunny Z, Mandi Z, Zoe W

First term – End of term

Group A: Cullen Y, Charlie S, Zixuan Z, Andrew X, Alexander S, Golden L

Group B: Flora Y, Venessa L, Kyle C, Emily S, Yolanda Z


We are opening new chess classes on Wednesdays at Creative Education Centre. The program includes snacks and drinks, CMA rated tournaments and small group lessons.

6:00 to 8:00

Every Wednesday

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