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2019 Seneca Hill OCC Qualifier

OCC1 online registration is now closed. We may have very limited spots onsite. The onsite registration fee is $55.

Registered Players list – click here

Free OCC entry winners

For OCC qualifier 2 – February 16, 2019, please click here.

These two OCC qualifiers are Seneca Hill Grand Prix events. Grand Prix details here.

Who: Student K to G.12 and open. Sections may be combined if less than 12 players.

Options of section: (A) the student’s school grade or (B) Elite.

Elite section is for (likely) pre-qualified players (announced by CMA in January) who want the challenge and who want to win OCC FREE ENTRY. There is 1 bonus point for GP computation. Maximum score of the tournament is 5.

When: Saturday, December 8, 2018

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For individual event details: please click on the event names.

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Congrats to all the participants and winners who participated in this prestigious Ontario Chess Challenge.

NM Joey Zhong won again in his last year (Grade 12) He will join the other 11 Ontario winners to play in the National Canadian Chess Challenge in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador on May 19-21.

Joey was our students from G.2 to G.6 and is now one of our teachers.

There are many more Seneca Hill Chess players came top three and top ten. Please visit our Facebook page for some of them, who we managed to take a photo.

OCC 2018 Joey

This prestigious tournament is organized by CMA every year. OCC qualifies Ontario top players to Canadian Chess Challenge. OCC is being held on April 22 this year. Read the rest of this entry »

When: June 2, 2018
Where: Kingston
Who: Ontario Girls team – Through March 17 OCC qualifier
G.1 Marie Guan
G.2 Alina Chen
G.3 Playoff between Winnie Zhuang and Greta Qu (forfeited)
G.4 Valerie Ruchinskaya
G.5 Playoff between Angela Lin (won) and Dania Surya
G.6 Playoff between Isamel Shen (won) and Yilin Liao


Free OCC Entry winners from our OCC qualifier 2:

Open section: Benjamin Lin, Daniel Tang, Sarah Peng, Greta Qu, John Hansler

From Grade sections: Alan Zheng, Valerie Ruchinskaya, Harry Xiao, Marcus Siu

Winners will be reimbursed $65 after participating in the OCC 2018.

OCC Qualifier 1 winners: click here.



1 out of 10 qualifier participants qualify to OCC. Top ten Ontario players of each grade qualified to OCC automatically and spared a spot for the one down the list in this tournament. Tied players all qualified! Read the rest of this entry »

December 23, 2017

Sean Lei Winner of the open section

The draw was done the past Sunday. Here are the winners!

Adam Li
Henry Zhang
Kingsley Bai

RJ De Leon
Vraj Patel

March 17 winners

Winners will be reimbursed $65 after participating in the OCC 2018.


.A photo from a Sunday tournament in the library

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Updated January 11, 2018: There are additional qualified players through this tournament. CMA has announced top ten Ontario players. Top ten players qualified to OCC automatically and spared a spot for the one down the list in this tournament.

Q – Qualified through this tournament
R – Top ten, qualified by rating (We listed only those who are also qualified in this tournament. For complete top ten in Ontario, please refer to CMA webpage)
FED – Enter into our Free OCC entry fee draw.
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As of March 15, 2018

Please report any error and omission. Thanks.

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