One of our talented Seneca Hill players, WFM Cindy Qiao is now at Ahmedabad, India with her team mates. They are getting ready for the World Youth Chess Olympiad that starts tomorrow. Best wishes to Cindy and our Canadian team!wyco2017

Here is a message from Cindy to Seneca Hill Chess:

Chess, a game, sport, hobby, has been and is still is one of my greatest joys in life, granting me so many experiences I had never thought possible. I would like to genuinely dedicate my appreciation and gratitude to Seneca Hill Chess, and the owner, Corinna Wan, as they made all of what I achieved possible.

I got involved in the chess club at Seneca after school on Thursdays, and there, my interest truly sparked when Corinna introduced me to all of the friends in chess I have today, those friends who made me enjoy and discover the beauty of the game as I continue to do so today. Unforgettable memories were made at the Seneca Hill Chess Club which I will remember for the rest of my chess career, and I believe the same goes for any other club member.

Not only did Corinna help me get involved with the chess club in school, but she also organized many tournaments and opportunities for other chess players and me to expose ourselves to chess and the chess community such as qualifiers for the OCC (Ontario Chess Challenge), as well as the OGCC (Ontario Girls’ Chess Championship) which she has run all the way back from 2003 to 2012 which I myself have participated in. Recently, I even had the excellent chance to teach children at the Seneca Hill Chess Club now that I am older, and I only have Corinna to thank for this opportunity.

I will be competing in the World Youth U-16 Chess Olympiad in India and Corinna has been generous enough to sponsor 200 dollars in supporting me. Corinna is a hardworking and respected individual who gives her all in helping kids learn to play and love chess, and once again I reach out with all my thanks.