Martin Liu – Winner of the top Blue group – February 2018

When I first started chess I was in  kindergarten on March  2014. At that time, I was learning the names of  all those pieces. Then I learned how to play chess.

Later on I lost a lot. But nobody laughed at me because I was a beginner. After I got  to grade 3, I lose a lot and everyone was calling me Martin loser king, because my name rhymes with Martin Luther king Jr ( My name is Martin Liu). I felt so bad that I almost gave up playing chess. Fortunately, my mom encouraged me to keep playing chess. Also, Corinna told me that my hard work will be paid off soon. Thus I worked harder and practice more.

After many games, I obtained a lot of experiences. From  then on, I beat some people who have higher rating than me online and in my chess class. So I won a trophy. Most of kids stopped calling me Martin loser king. Although some children still do this to me (not always), I do not mind at all, because I have won my confidence already! More important point is that I believe practice makes perfect!

I will keep playing chess in all my life.

Martin Liu