This prestigious tournament is organized by CMA every year. OCC qualifies Ontario top players to Canadian Chess Challenge. OCC is being held on April 22 this year.

We had run two qualifiers: December 23, 2017 and March 17, 2018. There were a total of  313 person-time attended.

Qualified players, please register and pay online using the password CMA or I sent to the qualified players.

OCC free entry winners will get an reimbursement of $65 at St. Timothy Catholic School on any open Saturday or Sunday after OCC until December 9, 2018

Winners are Sean Lei, Adam Li, Henry Zhang, Kingsley Bai, Vraj Patel, Benjamin Lin, Daniel Tang, Sarah Peng, Greta Qu, John Hansler, Alan Zheng, Valerie Ruchinskaya, Harry Xiao and Marcus Siu.

We would like to thank

(1) All the participants and parents;

(2) CMA for organizing such a fantastic event – Canadian Chess Challenge and Ontario Chess Challenge;

(3) Our sponsors: Yummy desserts and drinks from David Hu of Sunity and Some OCC Free Entries from Rebecca Li of Affinity Financial.

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