GM Aman Hambleton is representing Canada at Chess Olympiad again!

The first thing I pulled out the old flyer, I had to change a letter proudly:
FM >> IM >> GM!

Back in 2012, the then FM (Fide Master) Aman Hambleton was representing Canada at the World Junior Chess Championship in Athens, Greece. We hosted the first fundraising simul for him at Oriole, one of the Seneca Hill location at that time. (Simul is a player playing multiple boards at the same time.)

Aman’s performance then became the focus of the whole Canadian chess community. He had improved dramatically and his FIDE rating skyrocketed. He was awarded the IM (International Master) title and he has won 5 IM and 1 GM (Grandmaster) norms in a very short period.

The then IM Aman Hambleton played two simultaneous exhibitions at Oriole in April and June 2013.

After that, he had been working on his GM status, which was finally awarded to him in April 2018!

We are proud to present another simultaneous exhibition on May 5.  Aman will give the students some lectures and play them simultaneously.

Aman will also come on May 6 to play some odds chess games with our Sunday players.

Details will be given to the students and players at St. Timothy CS.