IMG_20141025_170633Sarah Peng winning GP in 2014

(Sarah, we need a new photo of you!)

Congratulations to Sarah Peng, the winner of the 2017 Seneca Hill Grand Prix! With only a CMA and CFC rating of approximately 1500, this ninth grader was able to win against many players in this tournament higher rated than herself.
Sarah is a very talented chess player. She rarely plays in open tournaments and doesn’t even have a private chess teacher. However, she does attend the Seneca Hill Chess Club from a young age of 7.  When asked about the club, Sarah describes it as a “cool club” that helped develop her critical thinking and self-improvement. It also served as a stress reliever and a good opportunity to develop her social skills and make friends. The Seneca Hill Chess promotes chess as an intellectual pursuit and engaging, fun activity for students from kindergarten to Grade 12. The club’s goals align with Sarah’s expectations of chess, which is to learn and, most importantly, have fun. On her free time, Sarah listens to EDM and classical music, and plays instruments such as the trombone and the piano.