Quiy Zhou viisivuotiaana vuonna 2005. Heikki Sarviaho

Quiy Zhou viisivuotiaana vuonna 2005.
Heikki Sarviaho

Today Finnish Kaleva published an on-line story of Qiyu: “Qiyu Zhou finally became World Champion”


Qiyu left us a message there. “Chess kids from Seneca Hill Chess Club, let’s work together to accomplish our childhood dreams. from Qiyu Zhou”

I would like to thank you all for supporting our fundraising for Qiyu Zhou. We have raised a total of $372 from the sales of scorebooks and donation.

Here are the money collected from each location. (A player participates in multiple locations will be counted multiple times. Therefore the actual total number is smaller than the total added up.)

Monday at TM $67

Thursday at Seneca Hill $65

Saturday at Our Lady of Guadalupe $140

Sunday tournaments $115

Teachers $70

Actual Total: $370

Plus a previous donation of $300

We are glad to sponsor Qiyu $672. And we wish her all the best in her future chess tournaments.