IM Aman Hambleton came to Oriole today! He gave a 30 board Simultaneous Exhibition.  Aman won all 30 boards in 2 hours 15 minutes.

Aman at the Simul

Aman at the Simul

Last survivor

Last survivor

Everyone went home with this.


We were happy to present a cheque of $800 to Aman at the end of the Simul, to help cover his tournament expenses coming up when he goes to Bolivia for the Americas Continental Championship.

Presenting the cheque

Presenting the cheque

We wish him all the best in the Americas Continental Championship at Bolivia. Looking forward for his third Simul at Oriole when he becomes a GM!! (He was an FM when he came last June.)

Thank you for all those who support Aman and this event!

Fundraising details:

Gross income from the weekly tournament – $272

30 players – $300
Sean Lei,
Nicholas Vettese,
Alan Li,
Patrick Li,
Ray Liu,
Joey Yu,
Edward Li (the last survivor),
Kayton Yan,
Kai Wen Yang,
Mateo Kulic,
Talia Wang,
Tiffany Yan,
Sarah Peng,
Andrew Radin,
Ken M Wong,
Claire Radin,
Arman Sydykhanov,
Paige Radin,
Alina Wong,
Matthias Brumund,
Raymond Ha,
Michael Yang,
Brandon Li,
Daniel Grabski,
Samuel Grabski,
Michael Du,
Wing Li,
Brad Radin,
Dorian Kang
and Karen Wan

Donations – $80
Wenyang Ming,
Colin Ruan,
Nathaniel Yong,
Aidan Mo,
Kai Wen Yang,
Daniel Tang,
Terra Tang,
Nicholas Vettese
and Jonathan Zhao

The event was a great success with all your support!
The total was $652 and Seneca Hill Chess Club topped up the amount to $800.

A link of the photos was emailed to you. If you don’t get it, let me know.


Original post of the simul.