IM Aman Hambleton is coming to Oriole again. Here is a link to the Simul given by Aman at Oriole last June.

Aman’s performance then became the focus of the whole Canadian chess community. Within the past few months, he has a dramatic improvement. He was awarded the IM (International Master) title and he has won 5 IM and 1 GM (Grand Master) norms. He has a rocketing jump FIDE rating from 2226 to 2472.

We are proud to present another simul exhibition given by IM Aman Hambleton on April 28, 2013.

The main reason to host this simul at Oriole again because both the participants and Aman enjoyed the last one very much. Aman is selected by Chess Federation of Canada as the official representative to the Continental tournament in Bolivia in May (6th-15th) where he can win a spot to the World Cup knockout tournament in Norway August 2013.  We are proud and happy to sponsor one of the strongest Canadian players.

Like last time, we will first have our regular Sunday tournament at 1:00. IM Aman Hambleton will present the awards of the tournament at 3:15.  Then we start the simul at 3:30. The fee for the simul is $10, pay on site. The gross income of the regular tournament and simul will go to the fund.

To register for the regular tournament on April 28, please use the regular webform as usual.

To register for the simul, please use webform below. It is limited to 24 players.

You will receive a confirmation.
Originally posted on February 7.