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CYCC 2023

CYCC qualifiers (NYYCC)

GP3 – NYYCC1 Information and registration – February 18

Best Sibling TeamsResults

****GP3 Results****

GP4 – NYYCC2 Information May 13 (At maximum capacity)

Best Mini School Teams (canceled on February 24) >> Ontario School Team Championship

Grand Prix 

****Grand Prix overall standings ****

Grand Prix fund status

GP money – see column M or O in each tournament results below

Grand Prix Lucky Draw

OCC 2023

GP1 – OCC1 qualifier results

GP1 –OCC1 CMA rating

GP2 – OCC2 qualifier results

GP2 – OCC2 CMA rating

GP3 and GP4 CFC rating

All GP 2022-2023 results

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