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Congratulations to Aidan winning the Second Grand Prix on February 3. There were 43 players in U8 group.
Harry came second (Tied for First) in the U12 group.
Many of our club members also had good results. Please see link.

Seneca Hill Chess Club is running a Canadian Youth Chess Championship qualifier on two days:
March 31 (U18, U16, U14 . U12, U10, U8- Boys and Girls combined)
April 7
(U12, U10, U8 – Boys and girls combined).
Please click here for details.
There is a further $5 discount for current Seneca Hill Chess Club students. This discount applies to pre-pay option only.
That means SH students (Monday at TM, Thursday at SH and all the students at Hillcrest) pay $20 if the fee is paid before March 24.

Wish you all happy holidays!

Lessons and tournaments resume on
Oriole – December 30 (January 6 – double Chess and pizza)
Hillcrest Saturday – January 5
Trinity Montessori – January 14
Hillcrest Tuesday – January 15
Seneca Hill Thursday – January 17

Congratulations to Jonathan winning the First Grand Prix on November 11. There were 44 players in U8 group. He won all five games.
Many of our club members also had good results. Please see link.  U8 section is at the bottom of the list.

Our OGCC grade champions (with 2 alternates) went to Kingston to play the top girls from Quebec. on June 9.

Congrats to our team members Maya, Kylie, Tiffany, Nicole, Jiaxin and Janet. Ontario beat Quebec by 17-8.

5 of our girls, including Tiffany from our program, were named top girl of the grade among Quebec and Ontario girls.

Good job, Tiffany!

Please see post at CMA News.

Congrats to Benjamin and Jonathan!

In the CCC which was held in Halifix on May 20 and 21, Benjamin came first in Grade 2 and Jonathan came 3rd in Grade 1.  We are so proud of you!

Many of our students and club members did very well in the Ontario Chess Challenge on April 22.

As we announced before, we will sponsor $100 to our student, Benjamin Lin who made it to the Canadian Chess Challenge 2012 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We will also continue to sponsor him to play at Hillcrest weekly.

We are pleased to add the following scholarship to the top ten winners.

Name Grade Ranking Seneca Hill Hillcrest Oriole Total
Jonathan   Zhao 1 1st $100 $20 $120
Aiden   Mo 1 2nd $20 $20
Griffin   Carrigan 1 3rd $20 $20 $40
Nicholas   Wu 1 7th $20 $20
Benjamin   Lin 2 1st $100* * $20 $120
Arhant   Washimkar 2 2nd $20 $20
Thomas   Wang 2 4th $20 $20
Michael   Chen 2 10th $10 $10
Wenyang   Ming 3 1st $20 $20
Daniel   Liu 3 3rd $20 $30 $20 $70
Colin   Ruan 3 10th $10 $10
Kyle   Truong 4 8th $10 $20 $30
Bill   Hu 4 9th $10 $10 $20
Harry   Zhao 5 9th $10 $20 $10 $40
Benedict   Cheung 6 2nd $30 $30
Joey   Zhong 6 10th $10 $10