CFC Junior Grand Prix 2013-2014

 Overall GP winners: 

Section Place Player Points GP Money Champion
U8 1st Anthony Atanasov 16 $100 Plaque
U8 2nd Anna Minzak 11 $70
U8 3rd Blair Xing 10.5 $30
U10 1st Jonathan Zhao 17.5 $100 Plaque
U10 2nd Max Chen 14 $70
U10 3rd Kai Wen Yang 10.5 $30
U12 1st Nathaniel Yong 17 $100 Plaque
U12 2nd Sarah Peng (tiedbreaks) 14 $70
U12 3rd Michael Minzak 14 $30
U14 1st Sean Lei 18 $100 Plaque
U16 2nd Kajan Thanabalachandran 13.5 $70 Plaque
U18 3rd Sean Lei 12 $30 Plaque

U14-16-18 were combined. Extra plaques are given to U16 and U18 Champions.Prize money was awarded per section/combined section

Players who were in all 6 tournaments:

Anthony Atanasov,

Jonathan Zhao,

Sarah Peng,

David Atanasov,

Sean Lei and

Brian Hanratty

Players who scored 15 points or more:

Anthony Atanasov,

Jonathan Zhao,

Max Chen,

Nathaniel Yong,

Sarah Peng and

Sean Lei

All the above players will get a souvenir.

From December

to June

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