North York Youth Chess Championship 2014

Here are the results for U12 and U14-16-18 on March 30 and U8 and U10 on April 6, 2014.

First-Sean Lei, Second-Rebecca Giblon, Third-Patrick Xie; Top girls: Jenny Chen and Terra Tang

First-Kevin Yi-Xiao Ye, Second-Amir Mohammad Docheshmeh, Third-David Weng; Top girls: Sarah Peng, Tiffany Yan

First-Hao Chen, 2nd-Nicholas Wu, Third-Aidan Mirabelli; Top girls: Claire Radin, Haotong Hazel Guo

First-Isamel Shen, 2nd-Andrew Radin, Third-Hovanese Ettibaryan; Top girls: Bella Kagan, Yilin Liao

One year free CFC membership recipients: Sean Lei, Kevin Yi-Xiao, Amir Mohammad Docheshmeh, Hao Chen, Nicholas Wu, Aidan Mirabelli, Isamel Shen, Andrew Radin and Hovanese Ettibaryan.

A player scored 2.5 or better should be qualified to the national Canadian Youth Chess Championship. July 15-18, Montreal.

A list of qualified players will be posted at CFC website.
Rating and complete results should be posted at the CFC website by Friday.

We are offering an extra $50 scholarship  to eligible participants in all 12 sections in the WYCC 2014. Please click here for details.

Our next qualifier is the Grand Prix V. This is not only a qualifier, but also a tournament with longer time control, which is a very good practice for the CYCC. Anyone, includes those qualified, are encouraged to participate.