December 30, 2013

Congrats to Roman who will receive  an IM norm for his performance in the North American Open 2013 in Las Vegas that ends today.

October 12, 2013

Many of our players are excited about playing FM Roman Sapozhnikov at Oriole.

Roman started his first CFC rated game at Oriole in 2003. He then came regularly for 5 years. Roman was a recipient of Oriole sponsorship, at least a couple times. Roman outplayed all the players at Oriole in 2008.

Roman won the Canadian Junior Chess Championship in 2011. He represented Canada in the World Junior Championship 2011. Roman’s CFC rating was as high as 2535.

Roman at TM

Roman at TM

Roman has been teaching for Seneca Hill Chess Club since 2012. He is also doing online game analyses with our Saturday program students. He is a knowledgeable and entertaining chess teacher. He is always patience and amiable to the young players.

Regardless of his much higher rating, Roman is happy to play at Oriole.  We thank Roman for his willingness in developing  junior chess.