One of our sponsorship recipients, Aman Hambleton is playing at the World Junior Chess Championship 2012 in Athens now (August 4 to 11).
You can follow his games at WJCC.

Updated August 15: Congrats to Aman who won an IM norm in the WJCC!
Updated October 20: Congrats to Aman again for winning his second IM norm in the SPICE Cup 2012!
Update November 25, 2012. Congrats to Aman. He did incredibly well in the UNAM tournament: undefeated, 4.5 out to 6 against Grandmasters, earned his IM title and first GM norm! Aman came third. All other top ten are Grandmasters!
Posted by Aman: Link here
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Here is a link to Aman’s  website  (about WJCC Fundraising simul)