There were many more players coming to Oriole the past Sunday than I expected. I am sure we would achieve our fundraising goal. WCM Yelizaveta Orlova was the first host of our 3 simuls at Oriole.
It was my inexperience in running a simul (In fact, it was my first time.) that made Liza play under time pressure. Liza did amazingly well and eventually won all 22 games. (Liza offered a draw to a player who had to leave early.)
I definitely learnt how to do a better simul for FM Aman Hambleton coming Sunday.
Please scroll down to see the details of the upcoming two simuls on June 10 and 17.

WCM Yelizaveta Orlova at the simul

WCM Yelisaveta Orlova at the simul