Thank you for coming to the Seneca Hill Regional Qualifiers.

Congrats to the winners and qualified players:

Grade 1- Mark Stevenson (3rd  place) 1st place co-winners, Jonathan Zhao & Aidan Mo were pre-qualified
Grade 2- Thomas Wang (2nd place) Nicholas Vettese (3rd place after, won by playoffs) 1st place winner, Benjamin Lin was pre-qualfied
Grade 3 – Andrew Liang and Ray Liu (Tied 1st)
Grade 4 – James Gao (2nd place) First place winner, Bill Hu was pre-qualified
Grade 5 – Jeffrey Xu 
Grade 6 – Kayton Yan.
Grade 7 – Kristen Li
Grade 8 – Tan Guo
Grdde 9 – Brian Hanratty
Grade 10 – Jerry Yang

I have already reported the qualified players to the Provincial coordinator. You can register online anytime.

Complete results are posted at