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Updated January 11, 2018: There are additional qualified players through this tournament. CMA has announced top ten Ontario players. Top ten players qualified to OCC automatically and spared a spot for the one down the list in this tournament.

Q – Qualified through this tournament
R – Top ten, qualified by rating (We listed only those who are also qualified in this tournament. For complete top ten in Ontario, please refer to CMA webpage)
FED – Enter into our Free OCC entry fee draw.
FE – Free OCC entry fee ($65) Read the rest of this entry »

One of our talented Seneca Hill players, WFM Cindy Qiao is now at Ahmedabad, India with her team mates. They are getting ready for the World Youth Chess Olympiad that starts tomorrow. Best wishes to Cindy and our Canadian team!wyco2017

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As of March 15, 2018

Please report any error and omission. Thanks.

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2012 TDSB Team Champions


Monday and Tuesday chess lessons and training at Trinity Montessori

Monday and Tuesday programs are now open for registration.

Session starts on April 9 and 10.

Saturday chess lessons and training at St. Timothy Catholic School

Session starts on March 24.

1:30-4:30 for more experienced players is open.
2:30-4:30 for beginners is open.

Every year, the top girls from Grade 1 to 6 are invited to represent Ontario Girls Team to play in the Ontario-Quebec Team Championship in Kingston. Entry fee, transportation and lunch are paid by Chess’n Math Association. It will be held on June 9, 2018.

Top girls 2018 will be selected from the OCC Seneca Hill Qualifier 2 on March 17, 2018.

Girls playing in their own grade section or open section are eligible.

The higher scored girl in each section from section Grade 1 to Grade 6 will be qualified to the play-off match.

The higher scored girl of each grade from Grade 1 to Grade 6 in the open section will be qualified to the play-off match.

Play-off match will be played after the tournament if time permitted, otherwise, at a mutual agreed Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Registration and details of OCC Seneca Hill qualifier 2, please click here.



2017 Ontario top girls

2018 Seneca Hill OCC Qualifiers 2

Online registration is now closed. We have limited spots available for onsite registration. Please arrive between 11:00 and 11:15 to register.

Who: Student K to G.12 and open. Sections may be combined if less than 12 players.

Option of sections: (A) the student’s school grade or (B) open.

Open section is for pre-qualified players (announced by CMA at the end of January) who want the challenge and who want to win OCC FREE ENTRY.

Registered Players

Complete Results

Grade 1 to Grade 6 girls: This is also a qualifier for the girls to the Ontario-Quebec Team Championship in Kingston on June 9, 2018. Details here.

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IMG_20141025_170633Sarah Peng winning GP in 2014

(Sarah, we need a new photo of you!)

Congratulations to Sarah Peng, the winner of the 2017 Seneca Hill Grand Prix! With only a CMA and CFC rating of approximately 1500, this ninth grader was able to win against many players in this tournament higher rated than herself.
Sarah is a very talented chess player. She rarely plays in open tournaments and doesn’t even have a private chess teacher. However, she does attend the Seneca Hill Chess Club from a young age of 7.  When asked about the club, Sarah describes it as a “cool club” that helped develop her critical thinking and self-improvement. It also served as a stress reliever and a good opportunity to develop her social skills and make friends. The Seneca Hill Chess promotes chess as an intellectual pursuit and engaging, fun activity for students from kindergarten to Grade 12. The club’s goals align with Sarah’s expectations of chess, which is to learn and, most importantly, have fun. On her free time, Sarah listens to EDM and classical music, and plays instruments such as the trombone and the piano.


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Tournament fee paid is non refundable.*

Regardless of reason, it is transferable to the same player’s next Seneca Hill GP tournament, provided a withdrawal notification email reaches us by 9:00p.m. the night before the tournament. You will receive a confirmation. Otherwise the player will be considered a no show. The player’s fee paid will be forfeited for no show. No show player will be paired for the first round.

Please try to inform us even after 9:00p.m. to avoid pairing up with an opponent. If a player doesn’t show up at the start time of the first round (12:00), the clock will be started. The game will be rated. If the player doesn’t show up at the end of the first round, he/she will be withdrawn from the tournament.

*With the exception of the last Seneca Hill GP Tournament of the year. There will be a refund minus $10 and any bursaries used.

Seneca Hill Chess reserves all the rights for final explanation.