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Our OGCC grade champions (with 2 alternates) went to Kingston to play the top girls from Quebec. on June 9

Congrats to our team members Maya, Kylie, Tiffany, Nicole, Jiaxin and Janet. Ontario beat Quebec by 17-8.

5 of our girls were named top girl of the grade among Quebec and Ontario girls.

See post at CMA News

Here is a video of the OGCC 2012 we recorded from a TV program.
Some players, parents, guests and organizers were interviews.

Ontario Girls’ Chess Championship 2012
A report and results were posted on the website.

Seneca Hill Chess Club is running a series of fundraising activities to sponsor Natalia Khoudgarian WIM, Jackie Peng WCM and Yelizaveta Orlova WCM to 40th World Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey; and Aman Hambleton FM to World Junior Chess Championship in Athens, Greece.
One of the activities is the Siblings and Friends Tournament at the OGCC 2012.
Open to all Kindergarten to G.12 students.
Date: Saturday, May 19, 2012
Location: Marshall McLuhan CSS, 1107 Avenue Road, Toronto
Games rated by CMA
Entry fee: $12 per player pay on site.
Refreshment: Snacks and drinks are provided.
Games start at 12:00
Registration: 10:30 – 11:30, limited to 30 players.
Pre-registration by email recommended, email full name and grade to or use web form here.

OHSCC Sponsorship to OGCC girls

We are pleased to announce our OHSCC sponsorship recipients.

Please refer to for the sponsoring criteria.

# Name Rtng  
1 Yelizaveta   Orlova 1951 Paid by school
2 Jiaxin   [Dora] Liu 1498 Accepted
3 Rebecca   Giblon 1479 Accepted
4 Melissa   Giblon 1462 Accepted
5 Luxiga   Thanabalachandran 1354 Not   participating
6 Aleksandra   Milicevic 1263 Not   participating
7 Kristen Li 1258 Accepted
8 Ljudmila   Milicevic 1163 Not participating
9 Kadie Jin 1155 Accepted

Ontario Girls’ Chess Championship 2012

Ontario – Quebec Team Championship
Girls Division
By invitation only
Champion of each section from G.1 to G.6 in OGCC 2012 will be invited to represent Ontario to play the top girls from Quebec on June 9 in Kingston.
Free tournament, free transportation and free lunch!
Details at

We are offering sponsorships for entering OHSCC and Oriole Tournaments.

To be eligible, the participant has to register OGCC on or before April 19, 2012.

Please see details at

All the girls entered OGCC 2012 with payment on or before April 19, 2012

will receive a free Oriole tournament and a treat.

The webpage for the 2012 Ontario Girls’ Chess Championship—which will be held on May 19th at the Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School—can be found here.