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Every year, the top girls from Grade 1 to 6 are invited to represent Ontario Girls Team to play in the Ontario-Quebec Team Championship in Kingston. Entry fee, transportation and lunch are paid by Chess’n Math Association. It will be held on June 8, 2019.

Top girls 2019 will be selected from the OCC Seneca Hill Qualifier 2 on February 16, 2019.

Girls playing in their own grade section or open section are eligible.

The higher scored girl in each section from section Grade 1 to Grade 6 will be qualified to the play-off match.

The higher scored girl of each grade from Grade 1 to Grade 6 in the open section will be qualified to the play-off match.

Play-off match will be played after the tournament if time permitted, otherwise, at a mutual agreed Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Registration and details of OCC Seneca Hill qualifier 2, please click here.

Updated on February 17
Grade 1 – Ashley Qian (Kindergartner played in grade 1 section)
Grade 2 – Rae Chen
Grade 3 – Milana Inzemtseva
Grade 4 – Anni Guo
Grade 5 – Valarie Ruchinskaya
Grade 6 – Lauren Hewang

queen (1)

Queens rule in chess!

TBC – To be confirmed after December 31

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Jeffrey and Max playing double chess games with Seneca Hill Saturday students

In the past Saturday Chess program, we had a Double Chess Fundraising Event for WCCC participants Jeffrey Zhao and Max Chen. Jeff and Max shared their WCCC experience with the students while they played double chess games. We raised a total of $226. Seneca Hill doubled the amount and Jeff and Max each will receive $226 in the upcoming OCC qualifier on December 8.

“WCCC 2018 in Santiago, Spain was a wonderful experience overall, I got to play rounds of chess with a diversity of people around the globe that were my age and I learned so much from each of them. During tournament, I received gifts from people so I had souvenirs as memories for the good time that I wouldn’t want to forget in the future. We also explored Santiago, tried different foods from its traditions and learned more about the unique culture.                                                                      Thanks Seneca Hill Chess fundraising event for the WCCC participants, I have had lots of fun.”                                                    — Max Chen                                                                                                                                                   

  –Jeffrey Zhao talked about WCCC <<click here


FIDE Master Ian Findlay receiving 4th place prize at 2nd World Senior Blitz tournament in Bled from Grandmaster Adrian Mikhalchishin (Photo from Ian’s FB post)

FM Ian Findlay should be the first Seneca Hill Chess Champion! 🙂 Ian went to Seneca Hill Public School in 1969, the year the school opened. He was in grade four and he became the school champion that year!

Ian, Congratulations on your achievement in the World Senior Blitz Championship!


Some of our students participated in the CMA Grand Prix on November 25.  Ezekiel Paule came tied first in U8! Bradley Tseng and Albert Luo tied in a 5-way first with 4.5 out of 5 in Under 10. Jeffrey Zhao came second in U12. Angus Zhang and Andrew Gulec scored 4 out of 5. All our students score 3.5 or more… Adrian D’Souza, Brendan Chan, Sean Gao, Wilfred Chan and Octavius Zhang.


About our lessons.

Registration and information:

Monday, Tuesday and Friday programs in Markham

Saturdays at St. Timothy CS.


Details and registration here.

Ratings were updated for the tournament on June 13.

Please check player’s name, CFC number, regular rating and bye info. Report errors and omission if any.

GP6 is CFC Regular rated. To find your CFC number and rating, please use this link. Type in the player’s last name and first name. If you don’t have a CFC number, we will get you one after the tournament.

# Name ID Rtng
1 Rae Chen 166644 1142
2 Ryan Yunhui Zhong 166737 1075
3 Xiuqi [Arthur] Wang 162689 1070
4 Aarush Ajith 167781 1060
5 Justin Huang 166068 1006
6 Justin Tso 166325 799
7 Isabelle Guan 166081 729
8 Felix Zhou 167758 722
9 William kaiyuan Wang 167336 692
10 Ezekiel Paule 166064 682
11 Cheney Chen 166822 657
12 Percy Xing 166952 610
13 Chloe Zeng 166393 570
14 Tymon Chen 169386 562
15 Ethan Zhang 166062 506
16 Nameer Issani 166328 464
17 Yeeshuen Li 170254 434
18 Ethan Dong unr.
Darren Deheng Yang
# Name ID Rtng
1 Alex Xu 163378 1605
2 Nathan Zian Wang 161735 1297
3 Daniel Zhang 163312 1258
4 Siddhi Dahale 164927 1164
5 Arnav Mane 160927 1147
6 Bradley Tseng 164369 1146
7 Ivan Huang 164614 1108
8 Anni Guo 163250 1091
9 Albert Luo 163581 969
10 Benjamin Feng 163452 914
11 Helena Jin 161136 909
12 Jaden Wang 164581 882
13 Zheng Hao Li 162270 870
14 Sean Gao 164596 802
15 Albert Ye unr.
Nicholas Balog-Sipos
17 Howard Andrei Villegas 166743 unr.
# Name ID Rtng
1 Max Chen 155238 2263
2 Jeffrey R. Zhao 157007 2202
3 Aayush Ajith 167780 1814
4 Ricky Zhu 164016 1516
5 Zhixing [Daniel] Wang 159609 1414
6 Lefan Yang 163151 1353
7 April Yunwei Zhong 167271 1291
8 Joey Lin 166638 1173
9 Neal Nian Li 161576 1135
10 George Song 166065 816
11 Connor Yao 168571 808
12 Kevin Tso 164637 789
13 Gordon Zeng 166321 738
14 Martin Jiale Liu 158749 667
15 Andy Zhang 158744 576
16 Aaron Ding 168572 564
17 Yenting Lin 162136 551
18 Justin Zhang 161450 536
Michael Balog-Sipos
20 Thomas Hagar unr.
21 Samuel Zheng 170567 unr.
# Name ID Rtng
1 Ingrid Wu 160934 1333
2 Alan Zheng* 165763 1264
3 Vikram Rawal 169690 1152
4 Owen Guo 155460 1009
5 Alexander Sotnikov 163147 980
6 Rajan Roberts 166332 894
7 Jonathan Wu 162856 890
8 Shuhan Zhang 166639 623
9 Derrick Malabre 170212 unr.

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Arnav is another Seneca Hill Chess Scholarship recipient that represents Canada to World Cadets Chess Championship. Wish you a wonderful tournament and fruitful trip!


Seneca Hill Chess is happy to present Jeffrey $100 scholarship for now. We will do a fundraising event for Jeffrey when he comes back and we are looking forward to hearing his World Cadets Chess Championship experience!


Hi My name is Jeffrey. I started learning chess at the Seneca Hill Chess Club when I was six years old and learned there ever since. In the Seneca Hill Chess Club, I got an opportunity to improve my chess skill through chess lessons, games, and tournaments. During these years, I have learned a lot and improved a lot. I would like to thank Corinna and coaches at Seneca Hill Chess Club for helping me get to where I am today.

I love chess. Chess has become an important part of my life and also positively benefited my life. Chess has trained my mind and increased my concentration level. I have also made a lot of new friends through chess.

As a chess player, I am very excited to get the opportunity to represent Canada at the World Cadets Chess Championships (WCCC). To prepare for this event, I spend lots of time on chess everyday, analysing games, solving puzzles and practicing openings. In the WCCC, I will get a chance to play against some of the world’s strongest U12 chess players and learn something from them. The competitions in WCCC will be tough, but I will keep a smile on my face even I lose because I know that I will learn from my game. I will do my best to get a good result.

This year’s WCCC is my first international chess event, I certainly hope it won’t be my last one!