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We will broadcast the first two boards.

First round: September 14 – 10:30.

These are rapid games, so they will go continuously until around 5:00p.m.

This is the first time we broadcast short games. Please excuse us if there is any shortcoming.

Live Games here.

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MMMCC bannerAdditional prizes other than those posted.

CMA gift certificates of $150, $100, $50 (sponsored by CMA) for top three K-G.12 students in the Rapid Tournament. Tie-breaker – opposition performance will be used.

Three trophies (sponsored by CMA) for the top three players in the Rapid Tournament. Tie-breaker – opposition performance will be used.

$300 cash (By an anonymous sponsor) for the clear first winner on top of the $800.

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Updated September 13 1:00a.m.

* Incomplete registration, please contact organizer. 

CFC/FIDE Rapid tournament (CFC membership required)

+ CFC Membership expired. Please renew or bring $48 (adults) or $32 (Juniors) cash on September 14.

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Grades K-3 4-6 9-12
Player of the Year by CMA Ryan Zhong ($200) Max Chen ($300) Sarah Peng ($500)
Female Player of hte Year by CMA Julia Li ($150) Sarah Peng
Highest rated by CMA Bradley Tseng ($150) Daniel Tang ($150)
2nd -20th highest rated by draw – CMA James Qiu ($150) Tobias Tong ($150)
Seneca Hill Player of the Year Ezekiel Paule ($50) Nathan Wang ($80) Michael Wang ($120)
Seneca Hill Female Player of the Year Milana Inozemtseva ($50) April Zhong ($80) Tiffany Yan ($120)
Seneca Hill 3 Highest CMA rated Benjamin Feng, Max Li, Wilfrid Chan ($50 each) Jeffrey R Zhao, Adrien Cheng, Brendan Chan ($80 each) Jonathan Zhao, Alan Zheng, Wing Li ($120 each)

–Not Seneca Hill Chess students

Complete results

Seneca Hill Chess bursaries can be used towards any Seneca Hill Chess programs in 2019-2020.


Canadian Youth Chess Championship

This tournament is on hold.

CYCC is a pathway to all international youth chess competitions that determines official representatives for the World Youth Chess Championship (WYCC), the World Cadets Chess Championship, the Pan American Youth Chess Championship and the North American Youth Chess Championship.

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As advised by the government, all publicly funded schools in Ontario will be closed from March 14 to April 5.

All Seneca Hill Chess programs and tournaments will be canceled during this period. Thank you for your understanding.


2020 OCC information and registration (For qualified players only)

2020 OCC Seneca Hill Qualifier 1 – March 21

Online registration form for new players. <<click here.

Online registration form for players who have already completed registration for February 15. <<click here.

***Top girls of each section from grade 1 to 6 win a free trip to Kingston. These 6 girls will represent Ontario to play against the girls from Quebec. Details here

Makeup SH GP2 tournament – OCC qualifier 1

at Bayview and Steeles – see address below

Registered Players list –Here  (for February 15)

This page is for OCC1. If you want OCC Seneca Hill qualifier 2 – please click here.

OCC qualifier 1 is a Seneca Hill Grand Prix event. Grand Prix details here.

Who: Student K to G.12 and open. Sections may be combined if less than 12 players in a grade. Read the rest of this entry »