GM Eric Hansen and GM Robin van Kampen
are coming to Seneca Hill Chess Club again.

This time they are presenting **BLINDFOLD**SIMULS**!


And players work in teams!
The winners get prizes!
Everyone gets a souvenir!
Cookies and drinks are provided.

This event is open to any junior chess players and their parents.

Date: Sunday, May 10, 2015

Time: 2:15 to 4:45 Check in and pay entry fee: 2:15 to 2:30. Games start at 2:45.

Place: Our Lady of Guadalupe CS,

3105 Don Mills Road, Toronto, M2J 3C2

$20 per individual junior or parent
$60 per your own team (maximum 4 players)
$10 for each SHCC students or Sunday current members
$10 to watch the games

Donation is welcome!
The gross income of the event will be used
to support the two GMs’ chess advancement.

Registration: Advance registration only, Please use form below.

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Peng Chen
Harry Liu
Sivan Xu
Leo Jia
Vicken Pogosyan
Daniel Tang
Angus Zhang
Ray Wang
Blair Xing
Kenneth Wang
Hanning Fang
Matthew Jiang
Ethan Wang
Hao Chen
Sarah Peng
David Ye
Raymond Mi
Tony Luo
Austin Mao
Peter Li
Petru Lungu
Sourena Tajalli
Charlie Song
Zack Dinatolo
Darwin Li
Kevin Yang
Jeffrey Zhao
Ronith Milhoutra
Max Chen
Henry Xianrui Zhang
Kousihan Balachandran
Ethan Truong
Kyle Truong
Terra Tang
Oliver Chen
Wing Li
Griffin Carrigan
Sina Babaeizadeh
Parsa Babaeizadeh
Shan Kohli
Ryan Deng
Kyle Chen
Levon Ettibaryan
Hovanes Ettibaryan
Harry Li
Helen Lin
Sean Lei
William Zhang
Brent Zhang
Henry Wang
Asil Gilani

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